CliffSoft's New Offers:
A new accounting package designed to accommodate
user eCommerce transactions. In addition to the regular accounting features, users can now register as online merchants and setup their own internet based outlets,where they can interact with customers
from all over the world. Users can also upload product images to their outlets, invoices, questionaires and also respond to customer requests for opening long-term accounts with the company.


Today's technology is moving at a pace that no one has yet experienced, requiring businesses and those affiliated in every way to catch up at a faster pace. CliffSoft Inc. is at the forefront of all technological advances and adopts it to maximise client potential in achieving higher productivity and efficiency. We have chosen a suite of services that best address the business and information technology needs of our clients.

The services consists of:

4 Network Management

4 Web Development

4 Transcriptions

4 Consultation

4 PC/ Hardware





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